Thyroid Reboot Challenge

5 days to a healthier, more vibrant you

Hi! I'm Tiffany

Wife, mother of 2 amazing girls, thyroid cancer survivor, and Certified Wellness Coach.

I know what it’s like to have debilitating fatigue especially when you have a thyroid problem. I learned through my own journey that I could take back control of the symptoms that were bothering me. 

I created Rock Bottom Wellness & The Fatigue Fix Formula to help you overcome fatigue, depression, weight issues & other health concerns. 

This challenge was created to give you a reboot and get you started on the path toward getting your energy back on track.
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In this Challenge You Will Learn:

  • The important nutrients for thyroid health.
  • How the thyroid functions, thyroid tests, and optimizing your thyroid so you can feel amazing!
  • ​How blood sugar balance is important for your thyroid health. 
  • ​Managing stress and how that can have a big impact on your thyroid function.
  • ​The best way to exercise to support your thyroid rather than working against your thyroid.
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