3 Steps to Reset Your Health & Crush Your Fatigue 
without Crazy Dieting or Beating Yourself up at the Gym
Hosted by Tiffany Flaten
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Hi I’m Tiffany, wife, mother of 2 amazing girls, thyroid cancer survivor, and Certified Wellness Coach.

I know what it’s like to have debilitating fatigue especially when you have a thyroid problem. I learned through my own journey that I could take back control of the symptoms that were bothering me. 

I created The Fatigue Fix Formula to overcome fatigue, depression, and weight issues to help others overcome their frustrations with their health concerns too. This workshop was created to support you in improving your health and finally getting your energy back on track. 

In This Class You Will Learn:

  • How to quit obsessing over calories and eat a balanced and healthy diet that gives you energy.
  • ​A simple way to fuel your body, without having to eat weird foods.
  • ​How to get the body you want without spending hours and hours at the gym every week.
  • ​Plus a whole lot more...
One of my clients, Carla, struggled for YEARS with wanting to stop with the out of control habits that made her exhausted and depressed.

“I was so sick and tired of being so tired all the time that any projects or occasions that came up in my life seemed so daunting because I knew I’d have no energy to push through it AND I’d have a bad attitude about it. I invested in Tiffany’s program and in about 4 weeks, I started to see and feel major changes! I lost weight, gained energy and started to have a better outlook on life and all the tasks coming at me!”

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